Zombie WODs Stone Ladder

Zombie WODs Stone Ladder

BeastlyNews.com found this video of a stone lift ladder (with burpees). Now obviously there are thousands of videos on the web of CrossFit wods and competition events but this one struck a chord with me.

Watching these athletes compete with the stones reminded me of an event that may have taken place many years ago in the age of gladiators.

Today we live in a world where mothers are afraid to let their kids get dirty, where many have been programmed to avoid danger or challenge themselves.

In CrossFit, we aren’t necessarily looking for danger but we are open to challenge. In fact, we attack challenge so that we can overcome it and then look for the next one, and the next. Like getting that first muscle up, hitting a PR, reducing our Fran time, entering our first competition or in the case of many elite athletes, qualifying for the Regionals which just ended after 4 exciting weeks.

These athletes in the video are gladiators. They aren’t concerned with the sweat that’s covering those stones, they aren’t rolling their eyes at the amount of burpees they are doing, and saying, “I hate burpees.” They are attacking the challenge before them and most likely other challenges that were thrown at them that same day.



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