Why Olympic Weightlifting Shoes Matter – Tabata Times

Why Olympic Weightlifting Shoes Matter – Tabata Times

“If you would buy good shoes for running, why wouldn’t you buy the proper shoes for weightlifting? There is no substitute for a weightlifting shoe.”

Article from Tabata Times

Let’s be honest: CrossFit — though it may be bare-bones in terms of the box itself — is not exactly a cheap endeavor. Whether you regularly update your shoe closet or sports bra selection, fill your closet with CrossFit T-shirts, or have taken up shopping at Lululemon, it is not difficult to spend money as a CrossFitter. So… is it worth buying specialty shoes for Olympic weightlifting? Won’t your minimum-drop shoes suffice? Freddy Camacho, CrossFit Games Masters competitor and owner of CrossFit One World, explains why yes, having Oly shoes does matter…

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