What You Wear to the Gym Matters – David Dellanave

What You Wear to the Gym Matters – David Dellanave

Article from dellanave.com

By David Dellanave

What you wear to the gym DOES matter – and here’s why.

What is a meathead gym owner doing talking about what you wear to the gym? Maybe I have been dating Jen Sinkler for too long and all the spandex fumes have affected my brain.

Stereotypes be damned, I am going to write about it, because this is important.

Your state is the most important, and most under-appreciated factor in training. If you walk into the gym well rested with 8 hours of sleep (physical), having eaten a solid meal some time beforehand (chemical), and a positive state of mind (mental) then I’d be prepared to wager money you’re going to have a good lift.

If you’re missing a leg (or more) of this three-legged stool, you stand a good chance of having a crap session. I wouldn’t bet on you.

Click the link below to find out how what you wear to train can affect your state of mind…


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