Train Your Mind Trust Your Gut

Train Your Mind Trust Your Gut

By Shaun O’Gorman, Focus WOD

For anything you do in your life there is a simple process to make sure you get the right answer…… your instincts. Training is no different.

How do you decide whether you should train?

How do you work out what weights to use?

How do you work out how hard to push in the WOD?

How do you know when to rest?

If you are like 95% of the population you take all of the information, opinions and data you can find, mix it all up, pour it into your head, shake it around and hope that the right answer pops out. Personally I think this is crazy.

The easy way to know what is the right answer for you is to trust your instincts, that is FOLLOW YOUR GUT.

The best Athletes in the world operate very much on instinct when they play their sport. Why would you do anything different? You have the right answers for yourself, you just don’t trust them all the time. We all ask ourselves a question, get the instinct answer immediately, then toss it around in our head until we are totally confused and then wonder why we can’t work out what to do.

Instinct is what animals work on all the time and they seem to survive reasonably well until humans thinking interferes.

When you are in mid WOD and your mind is screaming at you “STOP we are going to die, this hurts so much, did I just tweak my hamstring? HHHEEEELLLPPPP just stop” do you choose to stop or do you listen to your gut and know that it is just fear talking. The reality is you will pass out before you die so that really isn’t a concern. So how do you learn to trust your instinct in your training and competing? Funny thing it is the same as any other skill or movement you PRACTICE it. Focus on using your instinct as much as you possibly can and watch the skill improve out of sight. If you make a mistake learn from it and keep going…..simple.

Does following your instinct mean you will never make a mistake, I suggest not. Sometimes you will misinterpret the instinctual answer or you wont have all of the information to make the decision but ultimately it will work far more often than it doesn’t. The good news is all of the energy and time you saved on not thinking through every decision down to the last detail can be used to solve the problem that arises if you get it wrong. This is a far better outcome than trying to think through every possible negative outcome in your training, trying to come up with a solution for them all and then deciding the best course of action. Is it just me or does that sound exhausting……..then why do you do it?

CrossFit training is moving your body in the way it was designed to move so you can develop the strength and skill to get fitter, faster and better. What better way to hone your skill then listen to the body you are trying to train?

You were born with great instincts, you learned to be fearful of making decisions, so your job now is unlearn that behaviour.

Kids all learn to walk because their instincts tell them it is possible, if we applied adult thinking to the process 90% of us would be crawling around because of the fear that we would get hurt or fail if we kept trying to walk.

Follow your instinct in your training and competitions and watch yourself achieve awesome results

BTW this also translates to the rest of your life.

P.S. all statistics in this blog were based on my instinctual answers.

Shaun O’Gorman is the Director of Focus WOD. Focus WOD gives you the keys to a strong and focused training mindset. We are passionate about making you the best Athlete you can possibly be. You will learn how powerful your mind can be and what is possible when you believe in your own ability. Mental Toughness is The Key

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