They’ve gotta be on steroids. Haven’t they? – Spartan Strength and Conditioning

They’ve gotta be on steroids. Haven’t they? – Spartan Strength and Conditioning

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“They’ve gotta be on steroids..haven’t they!?’

There was a recent (days in the life of) CrossFit Journal video on last year’s male winner, Rich Froning Jnr. In it Sevan Matossian poses the subject of steroid use. If you have the time watch it. It’s a FREE download and a great watch to see what the best of the best in our sport goes through and gives a bit more depth to what drives such a character.

Now Sevan’s broaching of the topic is very timely as the pondering about steroid use by top level athletes in CrossFit is, and has, been talked about at boxes for some time now. Especially so with Reebok’s investment and the prize money for the Games competitors increasing. Where there is a will there is a way maybe? It seems CrossFit and its top performers are under scrutiny both from within and outside. As CrossFit is seeping into a more mainstream consciousness the external detractors are throwing a very obvious bit of mud. “They’ve got to be on steroids to do that s**t!” Is it true?…in some cases others maybe a harsh and lazy criticism.

A blog I read a lot talks on it, in its usual abrasive manner. The Naked CrossFitter…he’s like CrossFit HQ’s Michael Moore type..thorn in the side.. but with a better BMI and deadlift. Both a nemesis and moral compass, yet underneath all the ‘I don’t give a f**k’ bravado he talks a lot of sense when it comes to CrossFit matters.

Steroids, CrossFit, and the Road to Awesomeness

There’s a lot of confusion out there regarding steroids, performance enhancing drugs, what effect they would have on CrossFitters, and if there are any CrossFitters on it. Here’s the thing: there are plenty of CrossFitters taking PEDs because people in general are kind of dumb and dumb people find it important to try to impress other dumb people who couldn’t care less. But who else? And why? Well…

Click the link below to continue reading about this interesting issue. CrossFit isn’t like bodybuilding or power lifting, where athletes are training for a particular goal — to get huge and ripped and/or to increase their lifts. CrossFit is so diverse, so how would a CrossFit athlete benefit from PEDs in one area (Oly lifts for example) without potentially risking performance in other areas (endurance, etc.) Any, read on, it’s worthwhile…


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