The #Crossfit Rx fallacy and 30 better ways to train –

The #Crossfit Rx fallacy and 30 better ways to train –

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Two letters that hold so much currency in Crossfit.


Prescribed standard.

If I don’t Rx it means I’m not a real crossfitter

If I don’t Rx everyone will think I am soft.

I will just suffer through it, I’ll compromise my form and mechanics to get those two letters beside my name. 

If __________ (fill in the blank of role model in gym) is doing it, than I have to too. 

Rx’ing workouts is the best way to get better as a crossfitter

Any of these sound familiar? I know these thoughts have run through my head more than once…

And of course we’ve all seen it , the athlete (sometimes us) who brutally slogs through a workout compromising technique and form, cutting corners, skipping reps, just to get those 2 letters beside their name.

The ultmiate pitfall of the Rx Fallacy is a gym whose culture is driven by these 2 letters. The praised are not those who strive to move well but instead those who do whatever it takes, sacrifice at all costs, to acquire that sacred Rx.

I’ll be honest. I could care less about ‘Rx’.

As I think back to all of the pieces of the puzzle that have contribued to my development in this sport, Rx’ing workouts is nowhere on the list. There are however, a handful of practices that I see as exponentially more valuable than those two letters…

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