The Best Squat, Deadlift, Press, and Other Drills You Miss –

The Best Squat, Deadlift, Press, and Other Drills You Miss –

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By Josh Henkin, Guest Contributor – Sandbag Training, Senior RKC

Good training is about managing variables that make up a great fitness program. Not some of the variables, not just the ones you think are cool, but all of them. And it is completely possible you might be unaware of all of the variables.

Managing training variables means being aware, understanding how changing them can greatly or subtly change the intensity of a training program, and how they all relate to one another to create successful training plans. Of course it is out of the scope of a singular article to write about all of these variables, but there is one that I ignored for quite some time, and when I addressed it, it opened up not only new and purposeful exercises, but greatly changed how I organized training.

instability, instability training, stability training, josh henkin, functionalThat variable was the idea of changing stability. It wasn’t that I was unaware of instability training, but had seen it in so many forms I never really appreciated how examining changing stability could completely change my programs, progressions, and planning.

So, what is stability training and how can you incorporate it into some supercharged training drills?

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