Ten Tips for Surviving Fitness and Life: contains adult language

Ten Tips for Surviving Fitness and Life: contains adult language

Article from realfitrx.com

By Wendy Spin

#1 Some people flat out suck. It’s okay to avoid them.

Why we fly towards shitty people like a bug zapper is beyond me. Give yourself permission to stop the insanity. There are some honest people out there with a great deal of integrity. Find them. Have compassion for liars, thieves, womanizers, man eaters, cheaters, pricks, and assholes. Realize that their inner struggles have nothing to do with you and they are fighting a great deal of pain. They are coping in their own way that may not make sense to you. Simply wish them the best. When they’re ready to address their shit they will. Walk away and let them.

#2 Be true to yourself.

I have a restless soul. I love my freedom and every time I try to suppress that, my life starts to fall apart. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re molding ourselves into someone else’s ideal until one day we don’t even recognize ourselves. Be who you are and chase what you want. Keep running through the horizon. You will never regret it and make no apologies for it.

#3 Sometimes you can’t rationalize your emotions and it’s okay.

Emotions don’t make sense sometimes. They are still valid. If psychology were as black and white as biology we’d all be specimens and McDonald’s wouldn’t exist. Don’t suppress an emotion because you can’t logically make sense of it. You never escape uncomfortable emotions. They will find a way to manifest in your life in maladaptive ways the more you try and hide them. You have to feel it to heal it.

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