Rush Club, Check it out!

Rush Club, Check it out!

Lights out, lasers turned on, the loud bass of a night club DJ pumping through the fight hall, all eyes tracking the spotlight as 8 elite contenders are announced one at a time.

What will the workout be? Who will win? Who will take home the prize and belt won under the lights of RUSH CLUB? Only the best are invited to this competition where fitness is put to the test in the manner of a UFC fight.

With live commentators, event live streaming, outstanding contributing sponsors, RUSH CLUB is like no other experience. With the workouts being pulled at random each contender needs to be strong, ready, and conditioned for anything that will be thrown at them creating an excited anxiety that is electric. Mostly the intimate setting that puts the RUSH CLUB NATION on top of the athletes cheering them on as every repetition is being completed from a pure pump of adrenaline.

Through a single elimination process our first round winners move onto the final throwdown to determine the Champion of the night. This comes with a RUSH CLUB belt to take home and a prize purse to claim. More importantly the pride of a championship solidifies a position in the FINAL RUSH where all winners from the year will come back to see who really is the overall Champ.

As RUSH CLUB grows so does the RUSH CLUB NATION, allowing the competition to take on a new life and evolve quickly. RUSH CLUB is excited about the new sponsorship opportunities by major players in the fitness world that grant access to ELITE athletes that are scheduled to make appearances at upcoming events. With the “Off Season” in the sport of fitness upon us, this is an opportunity to stack the best of the best against each other in a setting that cannot be copied or mimicked.

RUSH CLUB is an experience, a heart pounding, adrenaline laden, brawl, a complete and total RUSH. Check out for videos and updates regarding venue, dates, times, sponsors, and the contender FIGHT CARD.

See you under the lights of ……RUSH CLUB


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