PaleOMG – Paleo Recipes – Strawberry Protein Bars

PaleOMG – Paleo Recipes – Strawberry Protein Bars

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So I went to Lululemon the other day and bought some new Wunder Unders. It’s pretty much the only thing I workout in because I’m not one to sport shorts. Shorts seem to be either too snug in the waist or too short in the legs, so I stick with Wunder Under capris. Well, I already have 3 pairs so I thought I should invest my gift card in a 4th pair since they are so overly priced. Wellllll, I’m a little peeved. You know how they had this huge issue with some of their pants being see through? Well, mine aren’t TOTALLY see through, but definitely a bit more visible than the other 3 I have. I dislike it. I’m totally still going to wear them, but as a coach at the gym, I feel as though I probably shouldn’t be squatting with these things on. I can’t tell you how many thongs and bare ass cheeks I see on a regular basis because squatting to full depth in spandex usually shows everything. It’s kind of creepy. But also awkward to tell those people I can see everything when they are squatting properly…

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