Paleo Plus Alcohol: NOW We’re Talkin’ –

Paleo Plus Alcohol: NOW We’re Talkin’ –

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May I be struck down by the Paleo God’s for my next statement but…….

I. Heart. Beer … and tequila … and vodka … and wine …

What can I say, I’m an equal opportunist.

I know it’s hard to believe but I really don’t drink that often. Why? Simple. It makes me fat. Oh, and it hurts my insides, I perform terribly and it feels like a family of gnomes rented my brain as a bounce house for the day.

But! Life happens. Events happen. Friends happen. So without pretending I’m immune to the fun that comes along with having a few adult beverages, I’ll admit for the right occasion or no occasion, I drink.

Paleo and Alcohol, is there a way?

Click the link below to find out how, or if Paleo and booze can co-exist in the life of a CrossFitter…


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