Katie Hogan: A CrossFitters Competition Bag – TheRXReview.com

Katie Hogan: A CrossFitters Competition Bag – TheRXReview.com

Article from TheRXReview.com

By Katie Hogan

Katie Hogan gives us an insight into what she packs in her bag when heading to CrossFit or Functional Fitness competition.

I get emails all the time from first-time competitors asking for advice before their first competition. I usually like to write some words of encouragement and a reminder to have some fun and enjoy the process.

As I was packing up to fly down to Orange County for the OC Throwdown I realized that while I had a lot of different items to organize and bring with me, it was a very familiar process for me. For the newer competitor I thought it might be helpful to run down my mental checklist of pre-competition preparation.

First, and probably most obvious would be to pack enough clothes for the trip, plus some extra. As I am a habitual over-packer, please feel free to ignore some of my “extras.” For a two-day competition with approximately 3 workouts in a day, I plan on at least one extra change of clothes each day…

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