I Got 99 Problems But Paleo Ain’t One – anthonymychal.com

I Got 99 Problems But Paleo Ain’t One – anthonymychal.com

Article from anthonymychal.com

Living in a way that mimics our ancient ancestors? Harking back to an innocent and pure time to live a better life? Eating…bacon?

I get you, Paleo Revolution. You make sense. Somehow.

Not to flaunt my flavor, but I’ve been “going barefoot” since 2001. You don’t often wear shoes tricking. I’m pretty paleo for this.

But I don’t have AOL Instant Messenger anymore. My car doesn’t use pump breaks. And my iPhone doesn’t have a rotary app.

Sometimes it’s better to embrace the concept of evolution and technological advancements. Humans are malleable creatures, after all. We have the ability to adapt to the demands of our environment.

Besides, there are three reasons I think we aren’t quite “hitting it” with this paleo revolution, and I think it’s narrowing “health,” rather than expanding its infinite avenues.


Your alarm goes off at 5:37AM. First mistake. Cavemen certainly didn’t have alarms.

You reach for your cell phone to turn off your alarm. Second mistake. Cavemen didn’t have cell phones. (Or at least countless waves of radiation flowing through the atmosphere from wireless technological devises, undoubtedly penetrating brainwaves at bedtime.)

Speaking of beds, you’re likely on one of those too. Third mistake. The thought of sleeping on soil with the maggots and centipedes crawling through your hair isn’t appealing, I know…

Click the link below to continue reading this article. It’s an interesting viewpoint on the whole “Paleo” concept. As we are people who train hard, eat clean, etc. it’s important to “keep it real” and not loose sight of the fact that we really aren’t living like cavemen. Evidence: typing on my laptop, while on my high-speed wifi connection, in my centrally air conditioned home…


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