I Am Not Rich Froning Jr.

I Am Not Rich Froning Jr.

Article from TheBoxMag.com

By  JTol

And neither are you (unless Rich is reading this, in which case, thanks and I’m a HUGE fan).

I am what is known in the CrossFit universe as a “Grinder.” I didn’t come up with this term, but it represents a majority of the day-to-day CrossFit members around the world.

By definition, a Grinder is a kitchen device for grinding food, a sharpener of tools or a person or thing that grinds. I feel like the last two parts of this are the ones that apply the most to me. As I train, I am sharpening my tool (overall health and body) and while doing so, I definitely have to grind it out.

I’m a 38-year-old high school English teacher (American Lit), a soccer coach, a parent and a CrossFit athlete. I have an athletic background in soccer, golf, triathlon, basketball and baseball. Never before I entered my CrossFit box had I done any Olympic lifting or gymnastics movements like handstands or pull-ups. I’m just your average Grinder, and this is my story.

Click the link below to read about his CrossFit journey, which I’m guessing is not very different from countless other people…


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