How to go From Strong to “Strong as a MotherF*cker” –

How to go From Strong to “Strong as a MotherF*cker” –

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Over the course of the previous three years Daryl had transformed himself into one strong dude. That’s because Daryl was smart. A graduate of Yale and a successful business man at only 27, Daryl was smart enough to know not waste time pussyfooting around with little foo-foo exercises.

He focused on big, manly exercises like squats, deadlifts and presses. Progressive overload was all that mattered to Daryl so he added weight or reps and gradually built up his strength to a very impressive level.

Of course, with that added strength comes a lot of added size, too. The best way to get bigger is to get stronger. We all know that by now. There are no two ways about it.

So Daryl finally started to develop the look that turned people’s heads. He also started to get requests to help friends move or pick up heavy stuff on a regular basis.

But Daryl started to notice something when he did things outside of the gym or played any kind of recreational sports. His strength didn’t seem to transfer quite as well as he thought it should have…

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