Health Is Bad For You: My Weird Weekend At Toronto’s Fitness Shitshow

Health Is Bad For You: My Weird Weekend At Toronto’s Fitness Shitshow

TORONTO—”Dear Toronto Pro Supershow Delegate,” read a slip of paper handed to everyone checking in at Toronto’s Intercontinental Hotel on Friday. “For your convenience we have ‘Special Towels’ through our Housekeeping Department. We recommend that these special towels/ linens be used in conjunction with any treatments that may potentially stain the higher quality linens supplied in your guestroom.” It was all the spray tanner, you see. It ruins everything.

The Toronto Pro SuperShow is one of North America’s biggest fitness extravaganzas: a three-day collection of competitions in bodybuilding, powerlifting, arm wrestling, strongman, Crossfit, boxing, pro wrestling, and just about any other activity that might require you to wear a tank top, all mixed inside a convention center alongside an “Expo” of all the world’s workout supplement companies hawking their wares. It is where members of every zealous fitness subculture, from rippling steroid monsters to gaunt competitive jump-ropers, come together in uneasy proximity for one single strange weekend. It is a flourishing zoo, with the human body as every exhibit.

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