Have to be a “little crazy….” to CrossFit | Andrea Ager

Have to be a “little crazy….” to CrossFit  |  Andrea Ager

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CrossFit provides a version of craziness that takes a specific kind of person. This kind of training is not for the rationalized, reality-driven, think inside the box kind of athlete. The gyms are filled with A-type people that are willing to risk, willing to lose, willing to win… willing to fight, but most of all, we have to be … a little… out of our minds.

On the way there it was uphill, thank God we did that one first!

It’s like when people go to Vegas and at first they agree to have a drink, then since they had that drink then they have 4, then since they’re already there they’ll dance. Then they meet someone and take fifty pictures. Once they’re already at this point, they’ll bar hop until 7am spending G’s with a bunch of strangers until they wake up with a tiger in the bathroom… (borrowed example) it all makes sense until… they look back and go…, ‘have I lost it…? How did I get here!

CrossFit is exactly like that!…

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