Fitness’ Barrier to Entry: ROM –

Fitness’ Barrier to Entry: ROM –

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By Logan Gelbrich

Without sounding too much like a motivational poster, there really isn’t much standing in the way of you and exceptional fitness. Other than your own excuses, there’s no real valid argument as to why you couldn’t achieve it. There’s so much education available for free. In addition, so much is possible with little or no equipment that one can get extremely fit even on a low-income budget.

The minimalist revolution CrossFit has ignited in the fitness community has not only made elite-level fitness possible without tens of thousands of dollars in the latest fitness machines, it has brought beauty to training simply.

In addition, there aren’t enough hyperlinks in the world to share all the stories of folks who were too sick, old, injured or limited to get fit that, well, have. So, being that human performance is the egalitarian beast that it is, there’s isn’t a real barrier to entry to high level fitness…

…except one.

Click the link below to learn what that barrier is… and (spoiler alert) click this link to get to work on overcoming that barrier


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