Fastest Way to Lose Fat –

Fastest Way to Lose Fat –

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It’s summer. The weather’s hot. Suddenly there seems to be more females in your neighborhood. And like Fresh Prince said, they’re wearing less and less.

You can’t be walking around looking like a gelatinous dough sack from now ‘til September.

That will not make for the kind of memories you want.

So what do you do?

Find a hill and run up it. Today. Seriously. Do it.

You don’t have to go balls out like you’re trying to beat Usain Bolt in a race, just run fairly hard. About 75% of your top speed would be a good start.

Walk back down, catch your breath and do it again.

Then go home. That’s it for Day 1. No need to kill yourself or get injured. Only clowns train themselves into the ground like that. Smart people take the time necessary to prepare and adapt.

CrossFitters (and Beastly News readers) ARE a smart bunch so feed your brain by clicking the link below to continue reading about how to quickly burn fat…


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