Everyone wants to be a Competitive CrossFitter – Chris Guerrero

Everyone wants to be a Competitive CrossFitter – Chris Guerrero

Article from CrossFit Westchester

By Chris Guerrero, Head Trainer/Owner, CrossFit Westchester

Back in 2008 when I began my CrossFit journey it had not yet hit the public spot light, and there were less than 1500 Affiliates worldwide at the time.  I read about CrossFit in the May 2008 issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine, but was not convinced that it was right for me.  I literally told myself I’d get too small if I abandoned my body part routine.

After 7 months of deliberation and a the urging of a co-worker (Rob Orlando’s brother in law) I finally tried a CrossFit workout. I did this workout on my own at my local gym and after about an hour straight of running sprints on a treadmill, swinging a kettle bell and what seemed like an hour of pull-ups I was laying in a puddle of my own sweat.  Hard work and sweat were not common in the upscale, air-conditioned gym I frequented in Armonk NY so it was no wonder people were giving me a puzzled looks.  I started following the main site shortly thereafter and would wait religiously at 8pm for them to post the WOD.  I’d usually leave work early (lunch break) and sneak in my hour long workout.

After about 6 months of training I had adopted the zone diet and really had never looked or felt better in my entire life.  I finally started to see muscle definition I never thought possible and athletic strength gains that were extraordinary.  Fast forward sometime, August 2009 I attended my Level 1 certification at CrossFit South Brooklyn, and in March of 2010 I opened CrossFit Westchester.  At the time we were the 2nd gym in all of Westchester…

Click the link below to read the rest of Chris Guerrero’s article. Chris goes on to discuss how he approaches his training and lifestyle, as he strives to attain his goals of being the best he can be and competing at the 2014 CrossFit Games.


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