Eating Tilapia is Worse Than Eating Bacon –

Eating Tilapia is Worse Than Eating Bacon –

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By Dr. Josh Axe

We all have the notion that eating fish would be the better option over bacon when it comes to health. And the truth is, it really is! Fish is a low fat, high protein food that has a range of health benefits. However, given what we know of fish and its sources today, we may have to re-examine this statement.

Fish can either be one of the best foods for you or detrimental to your health depending on where it is sourced. There is a world of difference between fish that is caught in the wild, farm-bred or farm-raised fish. The most common farm-raised fish are: salmon, tilapia, sea bass, catfish, and cod.

So why would farm raised fish be toxic to our health? What are the dangers of eating farm-raised fish? We’ll answer all of those queries when you click the link below…

Message from Beastly News editor: As fitness- and nutrition-conscious people, we try to be as informed as possible. But it’s very hard to be aware of the current practices of our modern food industries. The techniques that have been developed to create abundant, low cost food supplies have money in mind, not our health. Stay informed, stay safe and stay Beastly…


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