Do I need weightlifting shoes?

Do I need weightlifting shoes?

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Fuck yes, you do.

Mark Rippetoe said it (and he is the smartest man I know).  Weightlifting shoes are the only piece of equipment you actually need.  Those probably weren’t his exact words, but I have read it in at least two of his books and on numerous posts of his on the intertoobs.  Here is my say…  If you don’t own and wear weightlifting shoes but you take a protein supplement or “pre-workout” you are n00b.  I was guilty of it once.  I paid 50 or more per month for a pre-workout and that much or more for protein powders.  I spent over 100 per month on shit that wasn’t making much of a difference.  Don’t get me wrong about protein… Progenix will surely help recovery and shit like that, but those gains pale in comparison to wearing lifting shoes.

What will weightlifting shoes do for me?

Well, click the link below to find out. Oh, and the article also gives a good review of quite a few shoes out there to choose from (and lots of F-bombs…)


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