Dear Dmitry Klokov – Rudy Nielsen, The Outlaw Way

Dear Dmitry Klokov – Rudy Nielsen, The Outlaw Way

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By Rudy Nielsen

>I would like to address today’s post to one person in particular. I don’t often do this, but I feel this is the right time. The rest of you may read it, but it is very personal and heartfelt, so I am admittedly a little shy about posting.

Dear Dmitry Klokov,

My name is Rudy Nielsen, and I coach some exercisers athletes who have and will be throwing softballs competing in the CF Games. I have a gigantic coach boner for you been watching your videos for some time, and have noticed that you have recently been doing a lot of dumb shit to impress Americans bodyweight, and functional metabolic-conditioning. I truly applaud the fact that you are trying to make all the European CrossFitters shit themselves broaden your fitness, and expose your body to slap tears new movement types. I saw you on that Russian diving show, and was amazed with your belly flop athleticism…

Click the link below to read the rest of Rudy’s heartfelt message to Dmitry Klokov. It’s complete with videos, etc. Worthwhile reading & viewing…


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