CrossFit – A Tour of Buck’s Gym with Dr. Allen Buck

CrossFit – A Tour of Buck’s Gym with Dr. Allen Buck

Published on Mar 5, 2013

The CrossFit Journal – (

Allen Buck’s home gym in Brentwood, Tenn., has equipment galore and a lot of character courtesy of old telephone poles embedded to create a pull-up/wall-ball rig, homemade GHDs, a pit for atlas stones, climbing walls, a prowler runway, over 20 feet of parallel bars, monkey bars … and that’s just outside the actual gym. The property is also conveniently connected to a public park.

Buck, a 68-year-old anesthesiologist, has been hosting co-workers and friends for about four years at Buck’s Gym.

“We started doing workouts very similar to what I would read about in IronMind magazine,” he explains. “We had a visitor here one time that just told us it was very much like CrossFit, and I never even heard the word before.”

That day, Buck visited

“And the next day and from then ever since, my workouts have been all CrossFit,” he says.

These days, about 75 to 100 people come on a weekly basis to train at Buck’s home.

“I see partners of mine that I’ve worked with for years that would hardly speak to each other at work. But now they come in here and work out together and they’ve become best buddies,” he notes. “The CrossFit community is for real. It is a real thing. I just love these people.”


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