Can’t afford CrossFit? No Problem! –

Can’t afford CrossFit? No Problem! –

Article from Wendy Spin,

Make no mistake about it. CrossFit is expensive. With membership fees ranging from $100-$300/mo it’s a serious investment in fitness. The bang is definitely worth the buck however. All workouts are coached unlike a gym where you just walk into a free-for-all smorgasbord of peck decks and dumbbells.

Everything in CrossFit is done for you, from the workout programming to the one-on-one coaching and expertise. The only responsibility you are blessed with is showing up. These are small business owners making it on small business loans. They have to pay the lease, utilities, trainers, and most importantly; for the equipment which can be quite costly. Owners often pay themselves last, surviving on passion and second incomes.

We can’t fault a facility, but we may be strapped for cash ourselves. A scenario I know all too well. I was in college surviving on student loans when I started taking CrossFit seriously.

The silver lining is the amount of free resources available for public consumption. There are hundreds, if not thousands of youtube videos, websites, and workouts conveniently located with a click of the mouse. So, do not be discouraged my fitness friend. Much can be done to begin your CrossFit journey if you’re low on cash.

#1 Start at the beginning. Understand what CrossFit is and why we do it. This article:  Download the PDF. READ IT! DIGEST IT! UNDERSTAND IT because you are going to be your own coach.

That’s just one of Wendy’s tips. Click the link below to find out so much more of what you can do if you are cash strapped and the cost of joining a CrossFit affiliate is too much to handle at this time. Great job Wendy Spin for putting together such a thorough, helpful list of ideas for the DIY athlete…


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