A CEO’s Stable Regimen – Wall Street Journal

A CEO’s Stable Regimen – Wall Street Journal

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By Tom Flynn

For Gary Smith, a rigorous CrossFit workout has helped him to keep his competitive edge as a telecommunications chief executive—so much so he converted stables on his property, into a facility devoted to the exercise regimen.

“What I like about [CrossFit] is it’s intense and varied and really is incredibly challenging,” said the 52-year-old CEO of Ciena Corp., a maker of telecommunications-network systems based in Hanover, Md. “I always come out of the hour completely exhausted but feeling great.”

A longtime distance runner, he first tried CrossFit about two years ago when he joined his now 20-year-old son, Ben in a workout. CrossFit incorporates weightlifting, body-weight strength exercises and calisthenics. The exercises are performed in rapid succession to build strength, coordination and stamina. Previously, he was focused on cross-training, which included mountain biking, running, soccer and tennis, often with Ben and his younger son, Sam, now 16.

When he decided to turn the stables into a CrossFit gym, a concrete floor was poured and rubber matting added, while the ceiling was raised. It now includes about 10 pieces of CrossFit equipment.

Click the link below to read more about Gary’s health lifestyle, his converted stables (sounds nice, huh) and the key CrossFit equipment he’s stocked it with… 


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