9 Reasons Why CrossFitters Are Better Lovers – Wod Talk

9 Reasons Why CrossFitters Are Better Lovers – Wod Talk

Article from wodtalk.com

By Diane Zuri

WARNING!!! This article contains references to sex so if you are easily offended by the mention of sex; please stop reading now. Oh…you’

Oh…you’re still here? Great! Let’s continue then, shall we? I am going to assume since you’re still with me, that you are comfortable discussing a subject that everyone thinks about but most are afraid to talk about: SEX. Let’s explore my bold assertion that Crossfitters are Better Lovers.

I believe this statement is true of athletes in general but I am narrowing it down to CrossFitters specifically, based upon these top 9 reasons that are in no particular order. Feel free to assign a # to your Top 3 favs.

  1. Conditioning: This is a fundamental reason. CrossFit is a demanding sport so it requires stamina, strength, flexibility and coordination. These are all attractive attributes in the bedroom, as well. Duh! Also, CrossFit results in better cardio-vascular conditioning. This means that the blood flows properly. How quickly blood can flow to the heart, muscle or region is what determines peak performance, be it sexual or muscular.
  2. Confidence: Because CrossFit can be intimidating at first, it requires a measure of confidence to simply walk into a box. With increased physical conditioning comes increased confidence. With increased confidence comes increased body awareness, which is likely to lead to increased libido or sexual desire.
  3. Practice: CrossFitters live by practice makes perfect. They have learned to move their bodies with purpose and grace and that came by practice. In CrossFit, bad positioning or form leads to a failed movement and can ultimately lead to injury, hence why CrossFitters practice over and over for correct form and positive results. (we hate to be down for the count!) See how this can be beneficial in the bedroom?!

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