77 Trainers Explain Why Women Should Lift Weights

77 Trainers Explain Why Women Should Lift Weights

Article from theptdc.com

77 Different trainers from around the world explain, in 3 sentences or less, why women should lift weights…

Ok. So we’ve all heard the reasons why women should lift weights yet, there’s still confusion in some circles. This is wrong and the silly myth that a woman will get bulky or hairy or manly if she lifts weights needs to end.

The author of this story polled the PTDC Facebook (trainer) page for their best pitch in under 3 sentences on why women should lift weights. So this is it, 77 different trainers from every corner of the World telling you to lift weights. Spread this to help offset the damaging effects that some publications and news sources have as they promote myths perpetuating things like “toning” and the ability to “bring the muscle closer to the bone”.

Click the link below to check out what 77 trainers had to say about…


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